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Technological and biological function of antioxidants in animal nutrition

An antioxidant is a substance that when present in food at a concentration lower than that of the oxidizable matrix, is significantly capable of.

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Types of food additives used in animal nutrition

Food additives used in animal nutrition are those substances that, without constituting a food by themselves or having nutritional value, are.

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Main exhibitions of the pet food sector

In general, fairs are events promoted by economic agents in a sector where experts share their innovations in order to grow their reputations, and.

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Antioxidants for animal nutrition

Over the years, the animal nutrition industry has been constantly evolving. In the urban context, it was necessary to set guidelines to achieve.

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Main exhibitions of the feed sector

Although the exchange of cattle exists that started the livestock activity, The exchange of livestock is something that has long existed; the.

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Accelerated oxidation tests - the RapidOxy method

The oxidation processes that support the compounds present in foods intended for animal nutrition alter their qualities, both organoleptic and.

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Classification of food antioxidants: secondary antioxidants

Continuing from the previously discussed topic of primary food antioxidants, we will talk about secondary antioxidants.

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Classification of food antioxidants: Primary antioxidants

As we have already commented on in other occasions, antioxidants are any substance capable of inhibiting, delayingor preventing the development of.

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Main nutrients in the diet for dogs and cats

Nutrition is the sum of the processes by which an animal ingests and uses all the substances required for its maintenance, growth, production or.

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Importance of food safety

We can define food safety as the set of conditions and measures necessary during the production, storage, distribution, and preparation of food to.

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